Offshore companies in the UAE are legitimate business entities established to operate beyond their registered jurisdiction. These entities are often utilized for international business and financial activities, including trading, investments, and e-commerce. Offshore companies capitalize on the UAE's advantageous regulations, offering benefits such as low tax rates, complete foreign ownership, and a progressive business environment.


At Juriszone, we stand as a leading business advisory firm, offering unparalleled expertise to guide you through the process of establishing a new Offshore company.

Key Points for Establishing an Offshore Company:

1. Selecting the Overseas Jurisdiction:

The pivotal step in forming an offshore company is choosing the overseas jurisdiction. This choice serves to safeguard assets from potential lawsuits. Opting for a specific jurisdiction allows businesses to tap into international investments and leverage global tax benefits.

2. Comprehensive Guidance:

With years of research and expertise, we provide comprehensive assistance in establishing offshore companies. Our step-by-step guidance ensures the smooth and systematic formation of your business.

3. Multiple Advantages:

Setting up an international entity or conducting business with an offshore bank account offers numerous advantages. We assist in creating corporations or Limited Liability Company (LLC) based on your preferences.

4. Bank Account Setup:

Facilitating the establishment of your business bank account is part of our services. We streamline this process to align with your business requirements.

5. Virtual Office Formation:

Our adept team efficiently arranges the formation of virtual office spaces in accordance with industry standards, enhancing your business presence.

 6. Expert Consultation:

Our seasoned professionals specialize in providing tailored advice for selecting the right business setup to suit your needs.

Navigating the intricacies of Offshore company formation is simplified with our expertise. From choosing the appropriate jurisdiction to establishing the virtual office and bank account, we ensure a comprehensive and seamless experience, tailored to your specific business goals.

RAK ICC: A Premier Choice for an Offshore Company.

Advantages of RAK ICC Offshore Companies:

Tax Benefits


100% Foreign Ownership

Asset Protection

Minimal Reporting

Most preferred business activities in RAK ICC Offshore:

⦁ General Trading
⦁ Investment in Property
⦁ The activity of holding companies
⦁ Consulting and advisory services


Products and services offered by RAK ICC Offshore;

⦁ Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
⦁ Holding Company
⦁ Family Offices
⦁ Foundations
⦁ Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC)
⦁ Re-domiciliation
⦁ Single Family Office (SFO)

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