Dubai mainland companies offer a flexible and thriving business landscape, attracting both local and international entrepreneurs with its strategic location and diverse opportunities offering wide array of business opportunities and access to the local and international markets.


Establishing a Mainland Company in Dubai, UAE

A Dubai Mainland license pertains to an onshore company that enables entrepreneurs to engage in business operations both within and outside the borders of the UAE. The issuance of trade licenses for mainland companies falls under the jurisdiction of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).

The option exists to acquire either a professional or commercial license within Dubai Mainland. The trade license granted by the DET holds a higher status and offers several advantages, including:

1. Full foreign ownership allowance.
2. Authorization to conduct business activities across the UAE.
3. Eligibility to own and lease office spaces within Dubai mainland.
4. Permissibility to engage in transactions with government entities.
5. Fewer limitations on nationality for obtaining a trade license.
6. Enhanced ease of opening bank accounts, particularly with conventional banks.
7. Simplified business expansion by adding additional visas to the existing trade license.

It is noteworthy that a physical office space is not obligatory for company registration in Dubai. To initiate the process, Juriszone’s co-working DET package serves as an ideal solution.

Benefits of a Dubai Mainland License:

1. Unrestricted Business Operation

One of the primary advantages of obtaining a Dubai Mainland License is the unrestricted scope of business operations. Enterprises registered in the UAE mainland have the freedom to engage in trade and commerce across the nation, within free zones, and even internationally.

2. Enhanced Market Presence

Acquiring a Mainland License from the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) opens doors to establishing physical business entities anywhere in the UAE. This paves the way for a more robust market presence and the flexibility to expand business branches throughout the Emirates.

3. Engagement with Government Entities

Businesses holding Mainland Licenses are authorized to collaborate on government projects. The UAE government frequently seeks specialized contractors for significant ventures, presenting the opportunity to bid on lucrative projects that might entail higher risks but offer substantial returns.

4. No Currency Restrictions

Under the Dubai Mainland License, there are no constraints related to currency transactions. Companies have the right to repatriate funds from both offshore and onshore bank accounts within the UAE without limitations.

5. Unlimited Visa Allocation

UAE mainland companies enjoy unrestricted visa quota expansion under their business licenses. While an additional physical space might be required after reaching a certain threshold, the scalability of the business is considerably smoother.

6. Financial Viability

Enterprises holding a Dubai Mainland License reap advantages similar to those of Free Zone license companies, including tax exemptions. Notably, the setup of a company under a Dubai Mainland License does not necessitate a minimum capital requirement.

Type of Companies

Business Structures Available Under a Dubai Mainland License

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Civil Company

Branch Office of Local & Foreign Companies

Single Owner LLC

Sole Establishment

1. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company is formed by 2-50 shareholders. This structure is especially favored by expatriate residents and foreign investors aiming to establish a new enterprise in the UAE. Certain business activities allow foreign investors to hold 100% ownership in an LLC.

2. Civil Company

A Civil Company functions as a partnership focused on service-based or professional activities. Partners of any nationality can be part of a Civil Company, but the inclusion of a Local Service Agent (LSA) becomes necessary if UAE or GCC nationals are not involved. Partners in Civil Companies collectively bear responsibility for any debts or losses incurred within the partnership.

3. Branch Office of Local & Foreign Companies

Companies registered in the UAE or other countries have the opportunity to establish a branch within Dubai’s mainland. The branch must undertake multiple activities listed on the parent company’s license.

4. Single Person LLC

A Single Person LLC is a business structure owned by an individual or a corporate entity. It diverges from a Sole Proprietorship in that liability is confined to the shares held by the entity owning the Single Person LLC.

5. Sole Proprietorship

Foreign professionals can maintain complete foreign ownership in a Sole Proprietorship. An arrangement with a Local Service Agent (LSA) is required if the owner is not a UAE national. The LSA oversees license requisites and other government-related affairs for the business. This business structure enables the legal practice of professional services anywhere in the UAE.

Business Activities Covered by a Dubai Mainland License

Dubai stands out as a highly coveted global business hub, attracting a continuous stream of investors and entrepreneurs to the UAE due to its streamlined business setup procedures and an array of alluring advantages.

With an extensive array of activity options at your disposal, Juriszone is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the most suitable business activities for your enterprise.

1. Industrial License

Under the umbrella of a Mainland Company, the Industrial License grants businesses the authorization to undertake industrial-centric activities encompassing production, segregation, aggregation, and packaging. This license primarily pertains to enterprises involved in the conversion of raw materials or resources into finished goods.

2. Commercial License

The Commercial License caters to companies aiming to partake in the buying, selling, and trading of goods and commodities, both domestically and internationally within the UAE. The DED Commercial License accommodates general and specialized traders, as well as those engaged in retail, construction, and real estate ventures.

3. Professional License

Tailored for individuals or entities offering services rooted in expertise, talent, and proficiency, the Professional License encompasses fields like accounting, design, tourism, and other skill-dependent services. This category caters to professionals who rely on innate aptitude, skills, competency, or experience to deliver their services.

4. Tourism License

Within the realm of travel and tourism, there exist three distinct forms of licenses:

  • Facilitating city-based travel management.
  • Enabling the sale of tourist packages extends beyond Dubai’s confines.
  • Authorizing companies to orchestrate international gatherings, conferences, and exhibitions.

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