Foundations and Trusts

Wealth management and succession planning play a vital role in shaping your future.

Foundations and Trusts

At Juriszone, we understand the significance of safeguarding your assets and ensuring a prosperous future for your loved ones. Foundations and trusts offer a structured way to achieve this, ensuring that your hard-earned wealth benefits the intended recipients or supports the causes close to your heart.

By choosing our trust and foundation services, you’re placing your assets in a secure framework. Whether your goal is to support chosen family members, establish a robust company, or initiate a foundation overseen by a trusted family council, we provide the expertise and structure you need.

Our dedicated team, comprised of specialists in trusts, companies, and foundations, along with legal professionals and accountants, ensures that every step is compliant with the latest regulations and tailored to your specific needs.

Trust in Juriszone, and take a step towards a secure, well-managed future for your assets and family.

By entrusting your assets to our trust and foundation services, with the intention of benefiting selected heirs or establishing a company or foundation overseen by a reliable family council, you establish a framework designed to guarantee ongoing care for your family.

Our team consists of experts in trusts, companies, and foundations, along with administrators, legal professionals, and accountants. Together, they are equipped to create and execute solutions that fully adhere to all legal and regulatory prerequisites.

Why Work with Juriszone for Foundations and Trusts?

Specialized Expertise: Juriszone brings a deep understanding of the nuances related to foundations and trusts in the UAE. Every strategy we propose is rooted in our years of hands-on experience in this specific sector.

Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every individual or entity has unique asset protection needs. Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all; instead, we meticulously craft foundations and trust structures that align with your specific objectives and the nature of your assets.

Integrated Legal and Financial Insights: Foundations and trusts involve a blend of legal and financial elements. At Juriszone, our interdisciplinary team ensures that both these facets are perfectly synchronized for optimal asset protection and management.

Familiarity with UAE Regulations: The landscape of foundations and trusts is deeply influenced by local regulations. Our team is always updated with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring your foundations and trusts remain compliant.

Holistic Asset Management: Beyond just setting up trusts or foundations, we offer a complete suite of asset management services, ensuring that your wealth is not just protected but also grows over time.

Long-term Partnership: The nature of foundations and trusts demands a lasting relationship. We’re not just here to help you set things up, but to guide, manage, and adapt these structures as your needs evolve over time.

Choosing Juriszone for your foundations and trust needs ensures a partnership grounded in expertise, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to your asset’s longevity and growth.

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