Free Zones

If you are looking for specific advantages and a more efficient business environment, you might want to contemplate establishing your business in a Free Zone. These zones are tailored to support businesses by providing a wide range of advantages. Think about operating a business with corporate tax ranging from 0% to a maximum 9%, no custom duties, retaining full ownership even if you are not a resident of the UAE, and having access to cutting-edge infrastructure. These Free Zones are carefully designed to foster the growth of both emerging startups and established global corporations.

Free Zones

Free Zone Business Setup in the UAE

Each Emirate within the UAE boasts dedicated economic Free Zones, making it a prime choice for those embarking on business setup. Particularly attractive for entrepreneurs, Free Zone company presents a plethora of opportunities and advantages. The UAE, renowned as a prominent Middle Eastern nation, is a hotbed for trading businesses, with Free Zone business setup gaining immense popularity.

The overall landscape of Free Zone registration in the UAE offers a broad spectrum of services. This country stands out for its appeal to potential investors seeking substantial gains through company formation. The process of establishing a Free Zone company in Dubai has been simplified, provided one possesses the right knowledge and benefits from expert guidance.

The appeal of Free Zone company formation in the UAE extends far and wide. It proves highly advantageous due to its simplicity and effectiveness, particularly when utilizing the services of top-tier agencies. If you are considering opting for a Free Zone setup, you are in for a journey that opens doors to unparalleled market access, world-class amenities, and tax exemptions.

Notably, Free Zones function as special economic enclaves, offering not only tax exemptions but also the coveted benefits of 100% foreign ownership to expatriate investors. This setup encapsulates the ultimate recipe for business success in the UAE.

Most Preferred Free Zones







Distinct Advantages of UAE Free Zone Company Formation

When deliberating on the options for establishing a company in the UAE, the unique benefits of free zone setups invariably tip the scales in their favour.

Free zones are designated business zones where corporate and personal income taxes are dramatically reduced, often to a remarkable 0%. The decision to opt for a specific free zone depends on several crucial factors, including the nature and scope of the business, office space requirements, location preferences, and pricing considerations.

Obtaining a business license for a free zone company setup in the UAE is notably swifter and more streamlined compared to offshore and mainland setups, provided you receive the appropriate expert guidance. The choice to establish a business within a UAE free zone is intrinsically linked to the nature of the company you intend to launch in the UAE.

Evaluating these factors and considering the unparalleled advantages that free zone company formation offers, it becomes evident that such a choice can offer an exceptional platform for your business’s growth and prosperity in the dynamic landscape of the UAE.


The Advantages of Company Setup in Dubai Freezones and the UAE

1. Exemption from Custom Duties:
Establishing your business in a Freezone or UAE offers the notable advantage of exemption from customs duties, reducing financial burdens.

2. Exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT):
Businesses operating within these zones also enjoy relief from Value Added Tax, further enhancing cost efficiency.

3. Exemption from Import and Export Tax:
Freezones extend the advantage of exemption from both import and export taxes, streamlining international trade activities.

4. Upto 0% Corporate Tax:
One of the standout benefits is the possibility of a corporate tax rate as low as 0%, enhancing profitability.

5. 100% Foreign Ownership:
Freezones facilitate 100% foreign ownership, and there is no need for local partnerships.

6. Increase in Limit of Foreign Employees:
Company setup within these zones allows for a higher limit on foreign employees, fostering growth.

By opting for company setup in Dubai’s Freezones and the broader UAE, you position your business to leverage these enticing benefits. Juriszone guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth and prosperous journey in the UAE’s vibrant business landscape.

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