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Protect your family in UAE with A Last Will and Testament.

An Overview

Seamless Will Writing Service In Dubai With Expert Guidance

Writing your Will is a responsible step if you are a non-muslim expat living in Dubai-UAE. Even if you are a Muslim, writing a Will helps you execute certain aspects of your property.

Drafting your will can be complex if you are unfamiliar with Dubai’s legal requirements; that is why seeking legal advice is vital for creating a valid and legal Will.

  • Personalized Approach
  • Transparent Process
  • Local Knowledge

An Overview

Registration Of Wills In The UAE

Crafting a legally valid will safeguard assets and ensure wishes are carried out, especially for UAE expats. Inheritance laws differ for Muslims and non-Muslims, which is complex. Seeking professional legal help for will drafting and registration in UAE is crucial.

If you do not have a registered Will in the UAE, Sharia Law will determine the distribution of your assets.

Wills For Muslims

Inheritance guided by Sharia law.

Wills for Non-Muslims

Individuals can create wills expressing wishes, with some Sharia alignment limitations. Expatriates use specialized services like DIFC Wills Service Centre to distribute assets per preferences.

Will Writing

What Are Will Writing Services?

Will writing services help individuals craft legally binding Wills. Experts guide you through the process, guaranteeing your will accurately reflects your intentions for asset distribution after your death.

In Dubai and the UAE, these services provide invaluable support for ex-pats, offering a secure way to protect your loved ones.

At Juriszone, we are committed to providing comprehensive will registration assistance in the UAE, including services tailored to the DIFC and ADJD. We navigate both Sharia law and offer specialized support for non-Muslim expatriates.

What Types Of Wills Are There In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, And The United Arab Emirates?

There are several types of will registration in UAE, and which one to go for depends on your requirements.

There are primarily two main differences: The fee for registration and the language in which it is processed.


DIFC Court Wills Service


Non-Muslims residing in the UAE with property or assets (movable and immovable) in the UAE.


Offers various will types (full will, the Property Will, Business Will, Guardianship Will, and Financial Asset Will) allowing for customized asset and property distribution.


Those with assets in the UAE need to take further steps to ensure the chosen distribution and appointment of a guardian for their minor children.


Allows non-Muslims to transfer assets as desired, avoiding Sharia law distribution. Designed to give clarity to non-Muslims to distribute their assets and property as per their wish.


Difc Courts Will can be amended for an unlimited time, subject to payment of court charges of AED 500 for each amendment.


Formerly known as the DIFC Wills & Probate Registry. A special facility under the DIFC Courts, which has its own laws and an independent judiciary in the Dubai financial free zone. Provides comprehensive services for the creation, registration, and execution of wills.

Five Types

There Are Five Types Of Wills Offered By The DIFC Wills Registry

  • 1

    A DIFC Full Will

    Cover all your assets and the appointment of a guardian.

    This includes movable and immovable properties, no matter where they are. An all-encompassing Will for your worldwide assets.

  • 2

    DIFC Financial Will

    Assets Will cover your bank accounts and investments.

  • 3

    A DIFC Guardianship Will

    Let you plan for the care of your minor children.

    It does so in the event of your passing. It allows you to choose legal guardians who will care for them.

  • 4

    DIFC Property Will

    Deal with any real estate/property you own in Dubai, a straightforward solution for Dubai property transfer.

  • 5

    The DIFC Business Owners Will

    Cater to business owners.

    It ensures planning for their business interests. It provides clarity on future ownership after the demise of the testator.

ADJD Wills

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department [ADJD] – For Muslims and Non-Muslims

Applies To


Both Muslims and non-Muslims, residents and non-residents of the UAE.



Provides an effective legal mechanism to direct asset allocation based on preferences.



Streamlined and affordable services

Operates Under


Civil law jurisdiction.



ADJD Wills can cover assets located across all seven Emirates in the UAE.

Sharia Considerations


Sharia law is not applied to wills registered with ADJD for non-Muslims

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – For Non-Muslims

  • 1

    Allows non-Muslims to create a will according to their wishes

  • 2

    Offers two types of wills

    • Guardian Will – Covers guardianship for minors below 21 years old
    • Full Will – Covers all assets (movable and immovable) as well as guardianship provisions for minors
  • 3

    ADGM courts have a Notary Public

  • 4

    Works with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, which licenses the Notary to attest and notarize non-Muslim wills

Dubai Courts Notary Will

  • A Will is certified and authenticated by a notary
  • Verifies the testator’s intentions at the time of signing
  • Available for both non-Muslim and Muslim expatriates to register
  • For non-Muslims, may follow the agreed law per the deceased’s home country
  • Sharia Compliance: Ensures Sharia law is not applied to non-Muslim estates
  • For Muslims, proceedings follow Sharia law
  • Operates under: Dubai’s onshore courts and civil law jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction: Falls under the laws of the Emirate of Dubai
  • Wills written in Arabic and English
  • Non-Muslim wills must be notarized by UAE Notary Public for validity
  • Coverage: Will cover assets across all 7 Emirates in the UAE
  • For Muslims:
    • Can bequeath up to 1/3 of property through a “wasiyya” will with legal heirs’ approval
    • The remaining property is divided per Islamic inheritance (Sharia) laws based on the relationship to the deceased


Muslim Wills – Sharia Compliant

Follows Sharia Law


Inheritance distribution primarily follows Sharia law fixed shares for family based on relationship to the deceased.

Muslim Rights


Allows Muslims to nominate trustees, executors



Can specify wishes for up to 1/3rd of the estate

UAE Courts


Help heirs to obtain succession certificates from UAE courts

Why Will Registration Is Necessary?

Having a Will is an important way to secure and protect your wealth. Here are some of the reasons why Will’s registration is vital:

1. Guardians Of Minor Children

If you have a child below 21, you must appoint a legal guardian for them in a registered Will. This is to ensure that your minor children have the safety they need. A wife is not the legal guardian of a minor child. In other words, if a husband passes away, the wife is not the child’s legal guardian by default. Islamic law says the custody of a minor child typically goes to the father’s male relatives. This includes the father’s father or brothers. They get custody before the mother.

2. Easy Transfer Of Real Estate

Ensure a hassle-free transfer of your real estate to a beneficiary in the UAE when you register your Will.

3. Alternative Beneficiaries In The Will

The UAE will allow you to appoint alternative beneficiaries. They will distribute your assets if your first family member dies before you. Rest assured that only the individuals you named in your last Will in UAE will divide your legacy.

4. Distribution Of The Property

Registering your will in the UAE can greatly ease the inheritance process for your loved ones. Without a will, they could face problems. They might have to prove asset ownership and figure out which country’s laws apply to your estate. They might also have to pay for document authentication and legalization. Registering your will in the UAE provides a clear roadmap for the courts. It allows them to execute your wishes quickly and without delays. This eases the burden on your family during a potentially hard time.

5. Peace Of Mind

A Will allows you to convey your wishes with peace of mind. Upon death, the properties and accounts are frozen. They cannot be operated without a court order. Writing a Will gives you the peace that your family will not face challenges to each person’s share.

Following the legal system is vital for ex-pats in foreign lands. It ensures efficiency. Information Required For Will Registration.


What Documents Are Required For Will’s Registration?

  1. Testators Passport
  2. Family declaration (i.e., marital status, children, etc.)
  3. List of all the assets to be covered by the Will
  4. Appointment of an executor and sub-executor, with their details
  5. Information about the beneficiaries
  6. Information about the beneficiaries
  7. If there is a minor, instructions regarding the guardianship


What Is The Process To Prepare A Will In UAE?



Schedule a free consultation with our experts. We provide personalized advice on will registration, costs, and your rights. This is for both Muslim and non-Muslim expats in the UAE.

We Will Draft A Will For You


It will be legally compliant and match your wishes to ensure that it is legally valid.

Will Translation


We will translate your Will into Arabic if required. This is particularly needed for the Will to be notarized in ADJD and Dubai Courts.



We will help you register with the concerned authorities. These include DIFC Courts, ADJD, ADGM, and Dubai Courts.

What Are The Factors Involved In Registering A Will?

The key factors to consider in creating a will

UAE resident or expat impacts which inheritance laws apply to your Will.

Muslim inheritance laws are governed by Sharia. Non-Muslims can distribute assets per their Wish.

The rules for the surviving spouse and children’s shares depend on your marital status.

Decide how to distribute movable assets (cash, investments) and immovable assets (real estate), whether they are located in the UAE or worldwide.

Choose your beneficiaries (spouse, children, relatives, charities), and their respective shares.

Appoint trusted executors to ensure they execute your Will according to your wishes.

If you have minor children, appoint a legal guardian for their care and custody.

To have legal validity, you must register a Will with authorities like DIFC Wills Service or ADJD.

DIFC Wills Service requires witnesses for your Will. You must sign your Will in the presence of two non-beneficiary adults and the registrar of the court online.


Will Registration Charges In The UAE

DIFC Full Single Will service cost

AED 10000

DIFC Full Mirror Will service cost

AED 15000

Professional fee for single will

AED 3500+ VAT

Our Services Include:

  • Drafting in English
  • Covers distribution of UAE and international assets
  • Covers appointment of guardians (permanent, temporary, alternates)
  • Assistance for will registration
  • Option to appoint service provider as executor
  • Unlimited free consultations

ADJD Full Single Will service cost

AED 950

ADJD Full Mirror Will service cost

AED 1800

Professional fee for single will

AED 3500+ VAT

Our Services Include:

  • Drafting in English with certified legal Arabic translation
  • Covers distribution of assets as per wishes
  • Appointment of guardians (permanent, temporary, alternates)
  • Appointment of executors with alternates
  • Unlimited free consultations
  • Online registration assistance


Why Choose Juriszone To Create A Will In UAE?

Muslims and non-Muslim expats seek our advice about UAE laws. They want to legally protect their family and assets. These can be achieved by the following options.

  • DIFC Wills
  • Dubai Courts Wills
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) Wills
  • ADGM Wills

Our legal experts draft and register will in Dubai. They have experience handling deceased estates in the UAE. They represent clients in contentious and non-contentious will/estate issues.

Our Expertise

  • DIFC, ADGM, and ADJD Wills Registration
  • UAE Estate planning solution
  • Registered Will draftsmen

We help expats abroad and UAE residents with Will Registration .

Why Us

Why Choose Us


Experienced legal team with firm Dubai legal system knowledge. Extensive will drafting/registering expertise in UAE. We ensure binding, accurate documents following local laws. Trust us to help secure your loved ones’ future.


Each situation is unique. We tailor the registration process to follow your specific wishes and address concerns, providing relief.


Our motto. We explain each phase, address concerns, and update timely. Free consultations ensure confidence.

Local Knowledge

The team knows local procedures/regulations. Your will is documented to meet legal requirements and be recognized.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation And Take The First Step Towards Securing Your Legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not mandatory to register your Will, it is highly recommended. If you do not have any will, all your assets will be dealt with according to the Sharia law. Will’s registration after death assures you that your assets will be distributed as you wish.

Yes, you can update and change your registered Will in Dubai. If you need to update your will, you can contact us; we will help you in the process.

Yes, you can register your Will online in Dubai. The DIFC Courts Wills Service and ADJD offer online services for will registration. The process of registration can be completed from the comfort of your home.

With a DIFC Will, covering assets based outside the UAE is possible. However, whether the DIFC will be valid in your home country depends. It is best to opt for a legal advice.

Legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate and distributing assets.Follows the deceased’s will or Sharia law (for Muslims).

Key Differences: Muslim vs Non-Muslim

Muslims: Estate distributed per Sharia law’s predefined inheritance structure.

Non-Muslims: More flexibility but strongly advised to have a will.