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Tax Services

Accounting and Tax Services for Companies

Accounting and tax management are crucial for businesses in Dubai, fuelling growth and ensuring smooth operations.

As a business establishment in the UAE, you can seek help for the following tax-related services:

VAT Registration

According to UAE VAT law, any business must register with the authorities. This enables you to collect VAT(value-added tax) from the customer on behalf of the government. Any business with a turnover higher than AED 375000 annually must register with VAT.

VAT Return Filing

Businesses must submit a tax return when each period ends. The amount is calculated according to the company’s supplies and purchases as logged in their books.


Periodic auditing of your financial transactions and statements is essential to ensure compliance with changing regulatory requirements. In addition, auditing records help identify errors or fraud, ensuring report management for risk-free decision-making, account management, and tax filing.


According to the government regulations, keeping a detailed record of your financial transactions is essential. Letting experts with a proven bookkeeping system help lighten the load on your employees. It also assures accurate information availability for business management and statement preparation.

Corporate Tax

A recent introduction in the UAE accounting and tax regulations shows that corporate tax is directly charged on the net profit or income of companies by the government. To prevent fines, it is vital to comply with this new form of taxation.

Corporate Tax Registration

To remain compliant with UAE business laws, every company and business, including those in the Free Zones, must register for corporate tax and get a registration number for further filing.


Tax & Accounting Experts in Dubai

Even as an established business, you may require expert help to maximize your tax returns and streamline cash flow. You can also benefit from financial and management consulting to aid business growth or use bookkeeping services to ease your burden.

In any case, as a business owner in Dubai, you must have a tax and accounting expert on board. At Juriszone, we have years of experience and experts specializing in different tax and accounting fields dedicated to supporting your business, including:

  • VAT specialist for maximising tax deductions
  • Certified bookkeeper for accuracy and compliance
  • Corporate Tax Advisor for tax planning

Available throughout the UAE, we offer comprehensive services, from VAT and tax registration to filing and accounting consultation to bookkeeping and auditing. Contact us today to get help with your accounting and tax management in Dubai.


What Can Juriszone Do For Your Business?

Combining knowledge with expertise and experience, an accounting firm is the best bet to help manage your accounting and tax filing as a business in Dubai. Here’s what we can offer:

Accurate Bookkeeping

A well-set bookkeeping method to track your financial records and transactions is essential for accurate decision-making. By offering bookkeeping and account management services, we help you stay organized and make informed choices with real-time data understanding, minimising risks.

At Juriszone, we offer cloud-based accounting software, enabling you to access financial data from anywhere, anytime, and receive real-time updates.

Corporate Governance

Juriszone’s expertise ensures you meet Dubai’s strict corporate governance standards, minimizing legal and regulatory risks for your business, whether you’re a startup or an established company. Our experts help implement various security measures, such as blockchain technology, for ensuring transparency.

Strategic Business Planning

Collaborate with Juriszone’s experts to develop a tailored strategic plan for Dubai’s dynamic market. They’ll help you identify growth areas, optimize resources, and analyze crucial performance metrics. We also introduce intelligence tools that can help produce AI-based predictions for guiding better performance.

Registration Assistance

Avoid the complexities of tax registration and interactions with government authorities. Juriszone handles VAT, and corporate tax registrations, and stays updated with amendments to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Tax Filing & Planning

Juriszone’s in-depth tax knowledge allows them to streamline your tax filing, maximize returns, optimize tax liabilities, and take advantage of incentives. In addition, we bring in tax compliance software that ensures accuracy and agility. Our experts are also committed to ensuring the security and privacy of your tax-related data, preventing it from unauthorised breaches.

Ensuring Compliance

Stay consistently compliant with changing rules and regulations. Juriszone’s experts manage VAT and payroll compliance through regular audits, reducing your risk of fines and liabilities.

Is Outsourcing Accounting Right For My Dubai Business?

While you can hire an in-house team to perform the necessary tasks, there are some drawbacks to it, including:

  • Providing space to multiple employees, each specializing in a different task of accounting
  • Salaries cost a lot
  • Need to collaborate with existing employees for document management
  • Lower data security

However, outsourcing this job can be beneficial for your business operations. Hiring a firm gives you access to a team of experts with accurate knowledge of the UAE tax laws. This can have the following benefits:

Streamlined Operations

Outsourcing your accounting needs to expert firms like Juriszone can help organize your financial operations. With our expertise and dependable method of working, you can be assured that all your accounting services are being handled with ease.

Cost Saving

At Juriszone, we offer comprehensive services at low rates, helping you save money otherwise spent on hiring individual experts. In addition, our efficient methods allow us to deliver these services easily and quickly.

Variety Of Services At One Place

When you outsource your accounting, you get a range of comprehensive services. These include bookkeeping, registration, tax filing, auditing, and consulting, all in one place. This helps you better manage your finances.

Focus On Your Business

Hiring an accountancy firm takes the load off your core team, allowing you to dedicate your time and resources to running your business and concentrate on activities like decision-making, marketing, and customer experience.

Increased Profitability

By outsourcing your accounting, you can increase business profitability in multiple ways, including tax savings, better tax planning, strategic decision-making based on accurate and real-time data with bookkeeping, and ensuring business growth with expert advice and guidance.

Enhanced Data Security

Understanding the vitality of maintaining data security, Juriszone takes robust security measures and uses advanced technologies to help safeguard your businesses’ sensitive information.

Ensured Compliance

Jurizones can also help ensure compliance with the various tax and accounting regulations implemented in the UAE. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the local laws and regulations, helping maintain your filing, reporting, and documentation to reduce the risk of legal issues and fines.

Increased Output And Accuracy

Juriszone, with its years of experience, has a well-planned system of scheduling and performing accounting activities that not only help improve accuracy but also offer effective resources for assessing company budgeting and performance issues.

Taxes & Compliance in Dubai, UAE

There are multiple types of tax rules and regulations imposed by the UAE FTA, including excise tax, value-added tax, and corporate tax.


Introduced in 2018 at a 5% rate, VAT is levied on goods and services at each production and distribution stage, impacting industries like retail, hospitality, real estate, and import/export.

Excise Tax

This is for goods considered harmful to the public or environmental health, such as tobacco products and energy drinks.

Corporate Tax

Introduced to enhance tax transparency and solidify the UAE’s position as a global business hub, corporate tax is levied on a company’s net income or profit at a rate of 9%.

With its multiple aspects, professional tax accounting, therefore, can greatly impact a business’s bottom line by:

  1. Determining Tax Deductions And Credits

    With professional help, businesses can take advantage of tax deductions, credits, and incentives provided by the regulatory tax laws. This can help companies lower their costs and increase profits.

  2. Managing Cash Flow

    Our experts can also help manage income and expenses to optimise cash flow. This enables easier operations, growth, and investments with cash available on hand.

  3. Deciding Compliance Costs

    UAE tax laws levy penalties in case of non-compliance. Therefore, to help save money spent on fines and legal services, it is best to take professional help. Our experts work round the clock to minimise and prevent them.

  4. Enabling Financial Reporting

    Compliant and detailed financial reporting plays a crucial role in maintaining the reputation and integrity of a business, as transparent financial statements are key to enhancing investor and client confidence.

  5. Providing A Competitive Advantage

    With strategic decision-making and professional advice, your business can enjoy a competitive advantage that helps reduce overall operating costs and improve profitability.

Why JurisZone Tax Accounting? Our Dubai Advantage

  • Years of experience in expertise with UAE tax and accounting laws and regulations
  • Multiple penalties avoided
  • Increased company profitability
  • Tailored accounting services according to business needs and goals
  • Expert-led decision-making for business growth
  • Minimal business risk and zero fine attraction
  • Connection with investors, bankers, and suppliers for better growth opportunities
  • Client-based strategy development
  • Comprehensive support for business needs
  • Advanced software and technology for efficient account management


Clients Served


Satisfied Clients


Clients Achieved Growth

Avoid Penalties: UAE Tax Compliance

The UAE has a vast set of rules and regulations for tax accounting that must be met at all times to avoid fines and legal liability.

Moreover, with constant updates in the policies, maintaining compliance becomes a challenge for businesses without tax compliance experts.

Therefore, at Juriszone, we are dedicated to helping your business avoid penalties by ensuring UAE tax compliance in the following ways:

  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Periodic audits to check for compliance with the latest rules and regulations
  • Expert advice on maintaining compliance
  • Accurate accounting for both VAT and corporate tax purposes
  • Decision-making in compliance with tax rules and regulations
  • Advanced software and technology for accurate financial information

With our help, your business can ensure UAE tax compliance with the following steps:

Registering for eligible tax schemes, such as VAT and corporate tax.

Keeping accurate records of financial transactions.

Filing returns on a quarterly basis.

Paying tax liabilities on time to avoid fines.

Staying updated on the changing rules and regulations to maintain compliance.

Pre-Filing Tax Audit: Your UAE Compliance Checklist

With the strict tax laws imposed by the FTA, performing an internal tax audit before each quarter of tax filing in the UAE is essential for ensuring compliance and, therefore, reducing the risk of fines and liabilities.

In addition, in the Mainland, an audit of your tax finances is a compulsion. As comprehensive service providers, our experts at Juriszone perform regular audits of your finances to ensure maintainability and compliance with FTA regulations.

Here’s how you can ensure compliance with the UAE through a pre-filing tax audit, in which our experts will help you:

Accurate Bookkeeping And Account Management


Expert Guidance For Maintaining Compliance


Registration, Amendment, And Calculation Of Taxes Under Vat And Corporate Tax Laws


Well-detailed Financial Statement Preparation, Including Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, And Income Statements


Timely Reporting Of Taxation



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I want to thank the team at Juriszone for their exceptional service and guidance. Their high level of professionalism helped me understand the business landscape of Dubai and helped me set up my company in the Dubai mainland. The team created a comfortable and trusted environment while they addressed my concerns and questions. I recommend Juriszone for any of your business development and UAE market research.

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