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Licensing requirements, prerequisites, and other factors depend upon the major industry in which your business focuses. Therefore, it is better to consult with a legal firm before starting the paperwork.

Each free zone has specialities, free zone restrictions, and relaxations that your business entities can leverage. However, depending on the industry you are focusing on you can choose free zone business.

The current market trends and opportunities need a flexible approach to create a sustainable model. Therefore, analyzing and conducting market research is important before engaging in the Dubai market.

As a land of opportunities Dubai can offer the contacts of different suppliers, contacting different contractors and suppliers can help establish networks and connections with your resource suppliers. This will help you find a reliable supplier that can offer the best prices for your firm.

Consulting with a marketing consultant and agencies can help you understand the different options and strategies you can implement to market and improve the brand image among customers in Dubai. Building networks and establishing the brand identity through consistent work will help you better market your business.

Creating a logistical operation network and shipping manifest to improve efficiency involves the creation of a core department within your organisation and hiring experts in the field to improve shipping services.

Setting up a holding company in Dubai involves managing and navigating a complex legal and regulatory framework. Therefore, seeking advice from consultancy firms before starting out with the final work is important.

Registering your intellectual property, patent, and property registration in UAE requires specialised experts in the field. We have our experts working as a team to ensure copyright enforcement, patent protection, and trademark registration to safeguard and protect all your private and company assets safely and securely.

Due to the diplomatic relations and other measures taken by the embassies, visa and residency options vary for foreign business owners. Depending on your experience, expertise, and nationality, there are many visa options and multiple residency choices. To learn more specific details, please feel free to get in touch with us.

While it is not mandatory to register your Will, it is highly recommended. If
you do not have any will, all your assets will be dealt with according to the Sharia law. Will’s
registration after death assures you that your assets will be distributed as you wish.

Yes, you can update and change your registered Will in Dubai. If you need to
update your will, you can contact us; we will help you in the process.

Yes, you can register your Will online in Dubai. The DIFC Courts Wills Service
and ADJD offer online services for will registration. The process of registration can be completed from
the comfort of your home.

With a DIFC Will, covering assets based outside the UAE is possible. However,
whether the DIFC will be valid in your home country depends. It is best to opt for a legal advice.

Legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate and distributing assets.Follows the
deceased’s will or Sharia law (for Muslims).

Key Differences: Muslim vs Non-Muslim

Muslims: Estate distributed per Sharia law’s predefined inheritance structure.

Non-Muslims: More flexibility but strongly advised to have a will.

UAE resident or expat impacts which inheritance laws apply to your Will.

Muslim inheritance laws are governed by Sharia. Non-Muslims can distribute assets per their Wish.

The rules for the surviving spouse and children’s shares depend on your marital status.

Individuals can register a trademark if it meets eligibility criteria. The mark must distinguish their products or services. You can also apply for the trademark as an entrepreneur, sole proprietor, or freelancer.

Trademark protection is valid for ten years from the registration date in Dubai. You can extend its validity at the end of every ten years by paying a renewal fee.

Once your trademark is registered, you can challenge or contest a similar trademark through legal channels. This could be done by raising objections when you notice the trademark in a publication. However, make sure to take this action swiftly.

Trademarks can be registered in different countries if your business operates worldwide. The UAE has recently adopted the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks to streamline this process.

Yes, you can apply for a Golden Visa Dubai with a mortgage, provided that you use the loan for property investment. The minimum investment value should be AED 2 million, and the financing should be from an approved local bank.

Renewing a Golden visa in the UAE is simple. You must apply before the current visa expires. You must also submit the required documents and proof of continued ownership, business, work, or education. Our team at Juriszone can help automate the process for you.

Unfortunately, golden visas don’t grant UAE citizenship. You need to apply through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

The UAE Golden visa grants you the freedom to work and stay in any of the emirates. However, you may require a letter of approval from the authorities. Moreover, with the Golden visa, you can stay out of the country quickly, enabling you to work remotely.

The immigration office can take 30-75 days to review your application and grant you a UAE golden visa.

To apply under the specialized skills category, you just need to get the needed letters or approvals from authorities. Then, submit them with your application.

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Yes, you can get a durable POA in Dubai for healthcare decisions and appoint a trusted agent to make health-related decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself.

While a General power of attorney allows legal standing to the agent in diverse matters, such as property and finances, a Special POA in Dubai enables them to make decisions related to specified purposes only, therefore having a limited scope.

While you can get a general POA in Dubai and appoint an agent to handle all your property, banking, and other matters, it is often preferred that you get specific POAs and grant legal rights to agents who excel in decision-making for the respective sectors.

To sign a power of attorney, you should be above 21 years of age and have a sound mind. The POA should be signed without any external pressure or threat.

The Dubai government requires the submission of all legal documents in Arabic. However, if you are not a native speaker, you can get an English POA translated by a legal translator and submit both together to the court.

If you are an expat in Dubai, you can easily apply for a POA and get it legalized through online systems in the country’s court. For this, you will also have to get your document notarized at the UAE embassy, where your current residence is.

For this, you need to visit a notary public office with the agent, two witnesses, and the required documents. Alternatively, you can complete the process online with the help of the BOTIM app and then post your POA.

The registration or verification of a power of attorney takes place at a notary public. However, in some cases, you may need to register it at different departments, such as the Land Department, in the case of a real estate POA. Our experts can guide you through this.

While you can easily create and register a Dubai POA yourself, we recommend using expert services and lawyer help to draft it, as there are specific legal requirements to be met. In addition, the lawyer can help you understand the legal language and use it appropriately to help prevent POA fraud and misuse.

To get a registered power of attorney in Dubai, you need to pay the lawyer or services fee to the company you approach for the draft. In addition, you need to pay for the notarization. You may also have to pay a translation fee if you get the POA written in English.

The first step to prevent misuse of your Dubai POA is selecting the right agent that you can trust. Next, it is essential to draft a strong document that clearly specifies the powers of the agents and the situations where they can act. This is best done through expert legal help. After the POA signing, you must carry regular reviews of the document and its use. In addition, the revocation cause must be specified clearly to enable quick cancellation of the POA in case of detected or suspected abuse.

You need to mention a revocation clause in your POA. To cancel the paper, you simply need to write a letter and get it notarized, followed by submission to the respected authorities.

Yes, you can create a Dubai POA with a specific expiration date, specifying the duration and the POA’s clauses.

You can use a real estate POA to appoint an individual who can represent you for managing your property transactions while you are abroad. Depending on the POA terms, the agent can buy or sell properties and sign leases.

A POA is highly ideal and recommended for an individual who travels frequently for work and doesn’t want their business, finances, or other matters to be hampered because of it. By signing a POA, you can appoint someone residing in the country to make decisions and representations for you, allowing you to focus on your work freely.

Getting a financial POA allows an agent to handle your bank accounts, file taxes, sign cheques, and manage other financial needs in your absence. Therefore, a POA can be beneficial for seamless operations while you are unavailable in the country.

To revoke a POA in Dubai, you need to submit a written application and form and get it notarized by the Notary Public. In addition, you must forward a copy of the same to your agent and any third party that your agent has been in contact with.

Yes you can get a POA through a private notary in the UAE.

UAE resident or expat impacts which inheritance laws apply to your Will.

Muslim inheritance laws are governed by Sharia. Non-Muslims can distribute assets per their Wish.

The rules for the surviving spouse and children’s shares depend on your marital status.

If you have a self-sponsored golden visa or investor visa, you can sponsor your family members and dependents, allowing them to reside in the UAE.

The ability to work for other companies while on an Investor visa depends on the conditions of your visa. Once you clarify that, you may require a work permit from the government.

Renewal of your business visa depends on the duration of your existing visa. Since golden visas are valid for up to 5-10 years, you must apply for a renewal a few months before it expires.

Similarly, for an investor visa, you need to apply for a renewal every three years. Short-term visas can be extended according to the work and must be renewed every few months.

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